Relax with us at the Beale Park Boat Show 3rd - 5th June

The Beale Park Boat Show is the antedote to the Scottish Islands Peaks Race. There will be no running, just strolling, mooching or ambling about. I'm even going to take a fold up chair! Tomorrow I'll go to Decathlon and buy a really naff tent with a porch and a stand up bedroom area and I'll get a pinic table too. It will be the kind of tent that I'd rather not be seen dead in but I'm going to chill out eating nice food and supping beers in the evenings. I'll be so laid back that I'll be generally horizontal. During the day I'll perk up just a little bit and chat with anyone who ambles past our stand. Maybe we will sell a few Tilley Hats, Breton Tops, Bronze Cleats or perhaps a really nice book. We will be doing some splicing demonstrations where, for a small fee, you can join us and learn to make your dog a new lead with a nice clip and comfy handle. If you haven't got a dog, that doesn't matter. Just carry the lead and people will think that  you have a dog and won't think you are just weird wandering around by yourself.

So if you need to wind down a bit come along to Beale Park Boat Show on Friday 3rd June until Sunday 5th June. There's loads to do but please don't rush around, just take it very very slowly, like me.

Scottish Islands Peaks Race

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race starts this Friday at noon. I entered my yacht Sumara in 2012 and came outstandingly last. We were so late the officials had gone home and we had to clock in to a surprised harbour master. Nevertheless we did finish and a lot of the fleet had to retire so we were pretty pleased with ourselves. This time I am entering with my friend John on his Twister called Brimble. Each yacht has a team of five and we have a cunning plan! Our revolutionary idea which we didn't...

The Tom Bowling Lamp?

In our Arthur Beale archive we have a few old Beale catalogues. Actually we still have the printing blocks! Many of the products in this 1959 catalogue are still stocked. We still sell this lovely and very practical lamp but nowadays we just call it a Globe Lamp. I was intrigued by the Tom Bowling reference so I did a bit of research. I discovered that this lamp was the very first product made by the car parts giant Lucas! It was made in a factory called The Tom Bowling Lamp Works and patented...

The Sea Chart by John Blake

Wednesday 4th May 1845. Entrance Free! We have a great talk coming up this Wednesday 4th May! I find sea charts completely fascinating and so I am really looking forward this talk. John Blake served in the Royal Navy and in the Reserve for nearly 16 years as an executive and navigating officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During his naval time he served extensively in sea-going ships and qualified as a navy underwater diver and a naval air defence specialist. On leaving the...

The Shackleton Evening

21st April 2016 Alexandra Shackleton tells us about the epic small boat journey undertaken by her grandfather. It was almost exactly 100 years ago when Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail from Elephant Island to South Georgia. As an excuse to hold an event on a convenient Wednesday, Ian from the Shackleton Company decided that the 21st April was the exact day that Shackleton announced the departure to his crew. Alexandra Shackleton, who is a stickler for facts, gave Ian a bit of a ticking off for...

Upstairs at Arthur Beale for the Famous Breton Tops

Arthur Beale has been selling the classic Breton tops for many years. The history of these striped shirts is very interesting. The blue and white tops with 21 stripes were introduced following the Act of France on 27 th March 1858 as the standard uniform for Brittany Navy Seamen. They were known as matelot or marinière. Apparently the 21 stripes represented each of the Napoleon victories. The tops were made in the small Normandy village of Saint James which was established by William the...

​The Ashley Book of Knots – by Clifford W Ashley

It is back! It amazes me that it ever goes out of print but I think it has happened a few times. I reckon it is a cunning ploy to get people like us to put “It is back!” on our blogs. After all I don’t suppose “It is still here” is very newsworthy. I suppose everyone knows the book, but just in case someone has actually managed to get through life without stumbling across the epic then - This is the Bible of Knots. First published in 1944 and reprinted many times. This new edition has been...