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Ultimate Sailing Adventures

Ultimate Sailing Adventures

Kendall, Miles

Synopsis: Do you dream of sailing around one of the Great Capes? Would you like to cruise up the Amazon or cross the Pacific on a windsurfer? How about competing in the America's Cup or Volvo Ocean Race? These are just a few of the 100 extraordinary experiences included in Ultimate Sailing Adventures . There are more modest adventures too: share the experience of competing among almost 2,000 yachts in a race that is open to all or get a feel for cruising among the epic scenery of Desolation Sound. Ultimate Sailing Adventures takes you from Lake Titicaca to the Arctic Circle and from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the icebergs and mountainous seas of the Southern Ocean.

Try an eco-charter in Thailand or step aboard the sexiest yacht in the world. Lively writing puts you at the helm while stunning photography brings each adventure to life. * Epic ocean crossings * Staggering solo challenges * Famous capes and headlands * The world's greatest yacht races * Wildlife wonders and amazing natural phenomena Whether an armchair sailor or a hero of the high seas, there will be plenty to entertain and inspire as you set sail for the most unforgettable sailing experiences on the planet.Miles Kendall is a journalist and author specialising in yachts and yachting.

He has 30 years of sailing experience and as deputy editor of Yachting Monthly magazine he travelled the world, writing about every aspect of this exciting sport.

Price: 20.00