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Trek Umbrella - Medium

Trek Umbrella - Medium

Get a grip on your trek umbrella with its ergonomic rubberised handle, mechanised open and close system, durable ripstop canopy and compact design. With a touch of a button this wind resistant umbrella will spring open or closed, meaning minimal time between the heavens opening and you being safely covered! Wind bellows help prevent damage to your umbrella in rougher weather.

Product Features:

Compact and lightweight design
Multi stage aluminium frame
Durable honeycomb ripstop canopy
Automatic open and close system
Rubberised ergonomic handle
Wind bellows help prevent canopy damage
UPF 50+ protection

Technical Specification:

Weight: 380 g
Dimensions: (closed): 320 x 60 x 60 mm / (open): 1,090 mm diameter

Price: 18.99 (Including VAT at 20%)