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The Impractical Boat Owner - Dave Selby

The Impractical Boat Owner - Dave Selby

Just open up this book for a little browse and within seconds you will be smilling at the sheer truth wrapped up in its total stupidity! Yes, this is definately not the book to buy for brushing up for your yachtmaster exams but it will certainly help you to take sailing less seriously. We might not have ended up in some of the situations but I bet we have come pretty close.

Dave Selby is actually a seasoned veteran with 12 Atlantic crossings behind him - all of them in an aeroplane and one in first class! In reality he enjoys sailing around the East Coast in his 18 ft Sailfish. This book chronicals his meteoric rise rise from from novice to completely incompetant.

Highly recommended.

Price: 9.99 (Including VAT at 20%)