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Riddle Of The Sands - Erskine Childers

Riddle Of The Sands - Erskine Childers

Childers, Erskine

Our Alex says

"The first modern spy novel and a classic in that genre, The Riddle of the Sands also contains some of the most accurate descriptions of life on a small yacht ever written. Follow Carruthers as he travels to Denmark to join his companion Davies aboard Dulcibella laden down with loads of stuff we still sell (1 3/8" Galvanised Rigging Screws, "not the yachting brand" oilskins…) and enjoy a proper adventure as the pair try to thwart a sinister plot developing in amongst the sands of the North Sea coast."

The Publisher says:

The first modern spy novel and a must-read for espionage junkies and fans of James Bond and John Le Carré.

When Carruthers receives a letter from his friend Davies suggesting a Baltic sailing trip, the vision of a manned yacht, A1 scenery and excellent duck shooting quickly works its charm. But Carruthers hopes for a holiday are quickly dashed. There has been suspicious German activity along the coast. The Medusa, manned by the sinister Dollman, has already tried to destroy Davies. What are the Germans up to? Nothing less than a plot to invade Britain. And only these two courageous Englishmen can stop them.

Published in 1903, The Riddle of the Sands is considered the first modern spy novel.

Price: 7.99