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Pre-Stretched Polyester Three Strand Rope

Pre-Stretched Three Strand Polyester Rope

This high performance three strand polyester rope is specially constructed to ensure that it has minimum stretch yet is very well balanced. The rope is unusual in that it is constructed with a "cable lay" to provide a rope of premium quality. The rope is heated after laying up and while under tension to reduce any extension and also to relive any tension while being laid up. The result is a rope which has little stretch and resists hockling and kinking. It is easy to splice but because it has quite a hard lay a Swedish Fid (see Splicing section of this website) will be needed to open the strands. A first class rope for halyards on any classic boat.

Technical Specification:
These ropes will stretch considerably more than stated when new but once worked in they will stretch less than 5% at a working load of 20%. Heat set 100% polyester.

- Low stretch <5% at 20% breaking load
- Easy to splice
- Traditional look with performance quality
- High strength to diameter
- Complex industry leading construction
- Sinks
- Knot holding not quite as good as soft matt polyester
- Slight sheen when new

Main Uses
Halyards, Luff lines, Lifting, General winching