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Genuine Paracord US 550 Type 111 Comercial

Genuine Paracord US 550 Type 111 Comercial

550 Paracord Type 111 Commercial This cord is the same as the military paracord, it is even made in the same factory, it just lacks one multi colour marker thread. In all other respects it is identical. Originally specified for parachutes, this braided nylon cord makes a versatile general purpose line with a breaking load of 550 lb (249 kg) Technical Specification: Braided nylon 7 strand core. Approx. 4 mm diameter


- Choice of colours plus black
- Very strong
- Shock absorbing

Main Uses

- Lashing small loads.
- Camping.
- Rucksack lines.
- Clothes line.
- Inner strands can be used for fishing or as a dental floss.