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North Brittany Cherbourg to Ouessant & the Channel Islands

North Brittany Cherbourg to Ouessant & the Channel Islands

Lawson, John

Synopsis: This new edition of the RCC Pilotage Foundation's pilot for North Brittany covers from Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands. It has been fully revised and brought completely up-to-date to maintain its place as the best-known companion for that coast. The text and plans have been redeveloped so that the sailing directions now make full use of recommended waypoints.

New index charts have been introduced to improve cross-referencing and there are new sea level and aerial photos throughout. The RCC Pilotage Foundation's North Brittany has a long and distinguished pedigree that dates back over 40 years. During that time it has always been regarded as the definitive pilot for yachts negotiating the scattered rocks and difficult tides of the Brittany coast.

This new edition builds on the popular format of the previous editions and includes all the latest information to bring it completely up-to-date. Captain John Lawson had a long career in the Royal Navy, followed by years as skipper of a sail training vessel and a lifetime of sailing his own boat, giving him great practical knowledge and experience. Furthermore, his considerable contribution matched his enthusiasm.

Price: 29.50