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Nicopress Tools and Ferrules

Nicopress System

A well proven system which has been used to terminate wires in the aviation industry for over 55 years. The Nicopress ferrules have a distinctive shape which neatly separates the wires. The system is ideally suited to hand crimping onsite, onboard or in the boatyard. Ideal for Yacht Club use for renewing and maintainin dinghy rigging. The wire assemblies are ideal for small boat shrouds or for lanyards and control cables
The ferrules that we stock are mainly zinc or tin plated copper and they are suitable for galvanised steel or stainless steel. We also stock stop sleeves in copper which are also suitable for both stainless and galvanised wires.
If you have not used the Nicopress system before we would recommend you do a couple of trial crimps first to familiarise yourself with the method before undertaking the task in hand.