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Moving Heavy Things

Moving Heavy Things

Adkins, Jan

Our Alex says:

"A wonderful book that does exactly what it says on the tin! Everything from wedges to pulleys to jacks to winches is explained and the illustrations are so good that we often use a copy in the shop to explain things to customers in need of advice. Makes a great present and almost bound to come in handy for when you next need to drag your schooner up the beach or raise a Corinthian column for your garden shed extension."

Synopsis: The almost forgotten craft of shifting large weights with brains instead of engines. Beginning with practical rules for moving like "Get the Ming vase out of the Room. All the way out," and "What goes up comes down heavier." This is a fascinating description of applied physics in the real world. If you move engine blocks, concrete mooring sinkers, or nothing heavier than this book from table to lap, you'll enjoy the encouraging narrative and the precise drawings. Not everyone moves coffins with marbles or sheet steel with baseballs, but you might very well find an idea to help you move Uncle Harry's monstrous bathtub out of the basement, or a reluctant oak stump out of the yard.

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