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Dyneema Ropes

A Word of Warning

Dyneema ropes are immensely strong but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a better choice for all applications. If a falling weight is arrested by a nylon or polyester rope, the rope will stretch and absorb a great deal of the shock loading. If a falling weight is arrested by a Dyneema line there will be virtually no stretch and huge impact forces are liable to break the line or tear out the anchor point.

I have seen many examples of "weaker" ropes successfully arresting falling weights while much "stronger" Dyneema ropes have failed. On the plus side, there will be no whiplash which is why many tug drivers are choosing Dyneema for their tow lines. So choose Dyneema when the loads are constant and the lack of stretch is advantageous. It can also be useful because of its smaller diameter to strength ratio.