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Liros Racer

Liros Racer

For good reason this rope is a long time favourite with yacht riggers. Its proven track record and very high breaking load with low stretch make it a firm favourite for halyards on the discerning yacht. The rope features a specially engineered 24 and 32 plait polyester cover and a coated Dyneema SK78 core. The firm round construction works perfectly with heavy winching. A very special line.

Technical Specification: 8 mm has 24 plait polyester cover, 10 mm upwards have 32 plait polyester cover. Core SK78 Dyneema with Liros special coating. Heat stretched. Working stretch <1.5%

- Very high breaking load
- Very low stretch
- Non Kinking
- Easy handling
- Very suited to hard winching

Main Uses
- High performance halyards and sheets.
- Ropes requiring heavy winching.