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IC-M330GE VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver (With GPS Receiver) NEW

IC-M330GE VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver (With GPS Receiver) NEW

Compact VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver
The engineering department at Icom have done it again and produced one of the smallest fixed VHF/DSC radios in the world. The IC-M330GE’s front face is so compact that it matches the size of a modern smartphone. However, despite its small size, the IC-M330GE has all the hallmarks of Icom's stylish design, ease of use and performance.

Ultra-com pact body (Width 156.5 mm, Height 66.5 mm, Depth 110.1 mm )
Easy-to-read full dot-matrix display
Intuitive user interface
New speaker delivers dynamic, clear audio
Class-Leading Receiver Performance (IMD and Selectivity: more than 70 dB)
GPS Receiver Built-in. External Mini GPS antenna included.
IPX7 Waterproof Construction (1 m depth of water for 30 m inutes)
Built-in Class D DSC with a CH70 Dedicated Receiver (IC-M330GE meets ITU-R M.493-14)

List Price £255.00

Price: 220.31 (Including VAT at 20%)