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Globe Lamp Brass 7" (Tom Bowling Lamp)

Globe Lamp Brass 7

Davey & Co. have produced this polished brass oil lamp for over a century. Standard safety equipment for many years in ships lifeboats, it is today widely used for general and emergency lighting. The globe is 7". It has a round burner which provides plenty of light. The oil reservoir holds 250 ml of lamp oil and will burn for approximately 35 hours. A very welcome addition to any evenings cockpit gathering. We supply these lamps unlacquered so they age gracefully. They can be polished with any brass polish but we recommend Daveyshine.

Our 1959 Arthur Beale catalogue show these lamps as Tom Bowling Oil Lamps. Intrigued by the name I did some research. It transpires that this lamp was the first product made by the car parts giant Lucas! It was patented in 1875 by Joseph Lucas and was made in the Tom Bowling Lamp Works which was later remamed Joseph Lucas and Sons. The name Tom Bowling came from an old sea shanty writen by Charles Dibdin in 1789. A lot of heritage for a lovely lamp.

Price: 164.95 (Including VAT at 20%)