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Arthur Beale Enamel Expedition Bowl

Arthur Beale Enamel Expedition Bowl

This top quality enamel bowl is remarkably useful on board. The design is based on the bowls that Great Polar Explorers used. It is large enough to hold a decent stew before the gale sets in. It can be used as a proper sized bowl for porridge or cereal. You can even cook a pie in it. The steep sides stop spillage and the large surface area of the base helps prevent it from skidding across the deck.

Individually boxed.

They make a wonderful present and a great souvenir - but most of all they are great bowls to use at sea.

Diameter: 140 mm
Depth: 78 mm
Capacity: 900 ml and that is a big stew!

Why not buy some non-skid matting too?

Price: (1 item) 19.50 (Including VAT at 20%) Price: (2 or more items) 17.00 (Including VAT at 20%)