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Aluminium Bronze Adjustable Spanner 200 mm (8")

Aluminium Bronze Adjustable Spanner 200 mm (8

You won't be able to resist this beautiful die forged aluminium bronze adjustable spanner. Incredibly tough and totally sea water corrosion resistant, this bronze spanner weighs just 240 g and opens up to 24 mm. The ultimate marine tool which deserves a place hanging on the bulkhead rather than being hidden away in a tool box. You can even hang it next to your compass - try doing that with a normal AJ!

- Corrosion resistant
- Resists tarnishing
- Useful in explosive environments where sparking tools would be dangerous
- Higher tensile strength than other bronze alloys
- Non-magnetic. Will not deviate compasses.
- If you do drop it overboard it is resistant to marine growth!
- Warm gold colour

A tool to treasure for life. Makes a brilliant present!

Price: 49.62 (Including VAT at 20%)