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A Sea Voyage - Pop-up Book by Gérard Lo Monaco

A Sea Voyage - Pop-up Book by Grard Lo Monaco

A Sea Voyage Pop Up Book

New from one of the world’s most renowned paper engineers, a beautiful pop-up book to stimulate thought and imagination
For ages 5+

‘This intricate book is quite simply a work of art’ - Little London
'Children who love boats and the sea will love this book - and so will some grown-ups! - Storm Force

A Sea Voyage is an inventive and beautifully produced pop-up book that follows two sailors in their little boat as they journey across the sea with their dog. Along the way they encounter extraordinary boats from all around the world.

Sophisticated paper engineering reveals remarkable boats of all shapes and sizes, from an ocean liner and a three-masted tall ship to the lightship that guides the sailors safely home.

Gérard Lo Monaco is an Argentinian illustrator based in Paris. He is one of the world’s greatest paper engineers. His hugely successful pop-up creations include The Little Prince, Madame Sonia Delaunay and The Small World of Paper Toys.

Price: 18.95 (Including VAT at 20%)