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Welcome To Our Online Shop

Arthur Beale is a real shop, made with bricks, with a front door and sash windows and a slate roof on top. In fact we have been a shop selling ropes for over 400 years. Ideally we would love to see you in real life but sometimes that can be tricky for you so we have set up an Online Shop to help you out. There are a lot of products already uploaded but please please don't think that is all we have! It is just a very small selection of our large range of products so please give us a bell if you cant find what you want. 020 7836 9034. You will find one of our helpful staff will actually answer the phone - no press button options!

In the meantime we are loading the site with more and more stock. We do have a huge range of paints and varnish available in our shop!

Currently we are only accepting payment from customers in the UK. If you are an international buyer, you will be able to place the order and we will be in touch to arrange payment.

Watch out Amazon, here we come!