Arthur Beale Rope Reference Catalogue Launch 20th July

To celebrate our new Rope Reference Catalogue we are going to have a mini celebration! We've a fine bottle of Fair Transport Rum which has arrived in the UK under sail alone - via the Atlantic by the tall ship Tres Hombres and the final North Sea leg in my little Vertue. We will be serving tots in our basement (plus a few beers) and handing out copies of the catalogue with staff on hand to discuss all things "Ropey". The catalogue has been printed and a copy can be downloaded here;...


Our New Rope Reference Catalogue is Finished!

Ok, its true we were hoping to have it ready for Beale Park but one thing and another got in the way and that didn't quite happen. In any case we haven't had one for 400 years so why rush it now! However we are on the cusp of going to print just a few things to tidy up and we will press the button. Its not a boring price list but an informative catalogue laid out in chronological order with the natural fibres at the begining and ending with Technora and the technical blends. There is a section...

Beale Park Boat and Outdoor Show 2017 is over!

It was lovely to see you all there over the weekend. As always it was a very relaxed affair and this year we had glorious weather too - amazingly it rained only at night and was sunny all day. It was a great opportunity to chat to the boatowners about paints and ropes and to catch up on any marine gossip. In the evening we had a refreshing swim in the river on one night and a row to the Swan Pub on another night so it wasn't all hard work. Now it's time to finish our new rope catalogue which goes to print next week. I'd better get on with it.

Arthur Beale Easter Opening Hours

Got a few jobs to do on the boat before she goes in? Don't worry, Arthur Beale is open every day over Easter to keep you supplied with all the blobby concoctions you may need. And if you are a bit further ahead we have a comprehensive selection of Almanacs, Pilot Books and Charts to plan your voyage. Good Friday we have a bit of a snooze and open at 11:00 then sneak off again at 17:00 Saturday we are back to normal and open at 10:00 and close at 19:00 . Easter Sunday and Easter Monday we take...

No wonder we struggle to keep up with demand for our Black Welsh Mountain Beerenberg Pullovers

First of all you have to find them! The clever little darlings seem to like hiding as clumps of heather like the one in the middle of the picture. This lovely shaggy beast would make a couple of our Beerenberg Black Welsh Mountain Oiled Wool Pullovers but even when you find them you have to catch them and they are mighty shy. Mind you, I can't blame them, it gets pretty cold on the Black Mountains and I wouldn't fancy spending the night up there after some barber has attacked me with a pair of...

Like to join the team at Arthur Beale?

We are looking for someone who has good knowledge of chandlery products either through working in the industry or from their own sailing or boating experience. It is a full-time job advising and serving customers with some weekend rota working. A full Job Description can be downloaded from the Jobs section of this website. If you are interested in applying, please send your CV with a covering letter to

Got a New Diary for Christmas?

Well, turn to the page for "11th January" and enter - "Going to Dave Selby's Talk -"Marlin's Mission" at Arthur Beale 18:45". You won't want to miss this to put a big smile on your face! If you are going to the London Boat Show which is held on the same date then this would round off a brilliant nautical day to get the year underway. More details are on the Events section of this website. Just email to reserve a place. Admission £5.00 or FREE if you buy the book!