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Ben Cranshaw

Postby awhitecat » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:23 pm

I am in Medina just now - quite a long way from boating. I was rereading my copy of Catalan Castaway by Ben Cranshaw (purchased from Arthur Beale's!) today and I remembered his blog, centred mainly on his boat Onawind Blue. Calling it up online I observed that the last entries were in 2015. Does anyone know if he is ok - I vaguely remember him being unwell at one time. I think he is one of the leading exponents of Minimalist Boating. His book (assembled from the blog) is so worth reading! He built his boat on the lawn in front of his apartment block. A year or so later he was repairing/modifying it back on the lawn and one of the residents complained to him with the words "Where would we be if we all built boats out here on the lawn?" Where indeed?

I hope he is ok.


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