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Time Out Love London Awards Voting now finished

Arthur Beale has made it through to the final voting stage for this prestigious award. The final voting has now finished so now we have to wait until 17th November to find out how we have done. We have already done pretty well by making to the finals and we were up against a lot of powerful competition as Covent Garden is bursting with excellent shops. Whether we win or not, thanks for your votes! Hope to see you soon.

Fantastic New Display

I've been busy working on a "secret project" so Jason and Alex decided to reorganise the upstairs showroom. I think it looks amazing so it was definately for the best that I was left out of the project. They have got all our winter clothes out on display. If you are feeling a bit nippy come along and treat yourself to a nice new Norwegian Jumper!

Coming Soon!

Yippee they are finished and on their way to our shop. We have commissioned three essential pieces of boat enamelware based on items used by the Polar Explorers of the past. My absolute favourite is the deep bowl with upright sides.

It is perfect onboard for almost everything - from eating a large stew before the gale sets in to morning cereals and hearty plum duffs. Nothing spills, they stack away neatly and they look great too. To compliment the bowl we have a...

Wire Rope Terminations Talk went with a bang!

We had a small but select gathering in the wonderful Arthur Beale basement for a talk about wire ropes and their various terminations. We went through the different wire materials and constructions then demonstarted the hydraulic press for making ferrule secured eyes. After that we used the roll swaging machine to secure an M8 threaded stud to the end of a 5 mm stainless wire. We then moved onto a hands-on demonstration of Nicopress tools and finished by making a 2 mm stainless...

Wire Ropes and their Terminations Demonstration 1st October!

There are still places left for this evening talk and demonstration in Arthur Beale's Basement!

What you will learn:

We will explain the different types of wire ropes available plus give a short description of all the termination options including ferrule secured eyes using our hydraulic press and roll swaged fittings.

For those of you who don't have access to these large machines we will be demonstrating the correct method of terminating wire ropes using...

Very High Astronomical Tides on the Way

For those of you hoping to go sailing during these first weekends of Autumn this Notice to Mariners might be of interest. If you are moored in London there is also the planned annual closure of the Thames Barrier taking place on Sunday so don't get caught out by it! Many dinghy sailors make use of the lack of tide caused by the Barrier Closure to enjoy some pleasant racing in still water held by Greenwich Yacht Club.

N OTICE TO MARINERS No.17 of 2015 - 21 September 2015 - Port of...

Greenwich Yacht Club Open Days 19th and 20th September

I'm not quite sure why, but we were invited to contribute the the Greenwich Yacht Club Art Show. Maybe they thought we might have some budding artists amongst our staff. Alas that's not the case, although Steve is a marvellous poet!

We came up with this very ropey exhibit. Arthur Beale has a tradition of supplying ropes for well over 400 years. On the display is a vitrine with a selection of ropes made by Buckingham Bros - which was the old name for Arthur Beale. There is...

St Katharine Docks Classic Boat Festival is all over!

You've missed it! We had a great time at St Katharines over the weekend with our stripey Arthur Beale stand. The forecast was a bit dodgy so we didn't take too much gear in case we had to have a mad scramble to get it all covered up during the rain showers but there weren't any rain showers and it was positively sunny on Saturday afternoon. Sunday was a bit nippy and so we managed to sell some of our koselig Norwegian jumpers to shivering visitors in their tee shirts. We also had...

St Katharine Docks Classic Boat Festival This Weekend!

If you aren't down at the Southampton Boat Show and are in need of some boat therapy then St Kats is the place to be. There should be loads of beautiful classic yachts and working boats to admire. Some of them will let you onboard too. The lovely Portwey Steam Tug will be there. There will be sea shanties and jazz and last year there was a beer tent. If there's no beer tent there is always the Dickens Inn and the place is awash with decent places to eat. We will have our Arthur...

Time Out Love London Awards

As a small independent business based in the heart of London we can't afford big flashy newspaper adverts so we need to be really nice to the customers we have in the hope they will spread the word and come back again. It would also be a great boost to us if you can nominate Arthur Beale in the Time Out Love London Awards. If you can spare a minute to go to


and nominate Arthur Beale it could get us through to the final stage!

We would...